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Bikefitting Studio Innsbruck


Bikefitting Innsbruck formerly known as

your Bikefitting Specialist

your bikefitting studio in Tyrol

If your hands or toes get pins and needles while riding, if your back or another handicap spoil your enjoyment on the bike or do you look out for the perfect position on the bike? With my experience as a physiotherapist and in sports we will solve this issue

With the experience and expertise of a physiotherapist

You know you will find yourself in good hands
and you will complete your quest for more fun on the bike successfully.

Roadbike - Mountainbike - Gravelbike - Triathlon

Neither the bike you bring with you nor your fitness level is decisive for a professional service.
Your ergonomic position will be processed and you will achieve excellent posture scores!

Experiences with Bikefitting Studio Innsbruck - Testimonials

Meine Rückenschmerzen haben sich zu 95 % erledigt – jetzt macht es wieder richtig Spaß! Vielen Dank für deine fachmännisch und freundliche… weiterlesen „Rückenschmerzen ade!“


Daniel hat meine 3 Räder für mein Race Across America 2021 perfekt eingestellt. Ein absoluter Profi, der mir über das Bikefitting hinaus noch sehr viele wertvolle Tipps geben konnte. War… weiterlesen „Race Across America“

Kurt Matzler

Als Langdistanz-Triathlet habe ich ganz besondere Anforderungen an mein Rad und an meine Sitzposition. Aerodynamik und Komfort verhalten sich nicht so gegenläufig wie man auf den ersten Blick glaubt. Daniel… weiterlesen „Schmerzfrei auf meiner ersten Langdistanz“


Hab jetzt 3 olympische Distanzen in 3 Wochen gemacht und hatte zum Glück das ursprüngliche Problem nicht mehr. Daher vermute ich stark, dass es wirklich von der Sitzposition gekommen ist.… weiterlesen „Weltcup Triathlon“


Hallo Daniel! Ich kann nur sagen dass es nun richtig fein zum fahren ist und dass mein Rad optimal passt. Danke dafür! Ein einziges „Problem“ an das ich mich gewöhnen… weiterlesen „Optimum“

Bikefitting Studio Innsbruck

Focus on contact points

Posture is not a question of attitude

You are at the right place for your bikefitting!

Daniel Hechenblaickner is a physiotherapist, has been bikefitting for 14 years and is also author the book: Bikefitting - Von Kopf bis Fuß richtig eingestellt. He can therefore assess postural dysfunctions and give tips on further therapeutic or training procedures even before the actual bike fitting. During the ride on the smarttrainer, he analyses quickly and precisely, both for beginners and professionals. This competence is outstanding.

Independent recommendations on products and individual set-ups are given only if necessary. Suggestions for a tiny material update are conveyed objectively. These attempts are made on basis of the existing hardware - the focus is simply on the perfect symbiosis between wo:man and machine.

Daniel's cycling and triathlon experience comes from active riding and coaching of  all age groups. His insight ranges from health and recreational athletes, to ambitious amateurs, to elite athletes. His own career in bike racing and triathlon (Dusika Youth Tour, x-times Austrian National Champion, Ironman Top 5, Powerman Top 6, European Cup Triathlon Top 4, World Cup Triathlon Top 15, Triathlon European and World Championships in the Austrian Team) underlines this expertise.

Bikefitting Studio Innsbruck

Bike Saddle

The bikefitting center point

Bikefitting Studio Innsbruck


Hang loose!
Both hands gripped well and firmly

Bikefitting Studio Innsbruck

Cycling Shoes

Stability for the foot and enough space for the toes

Bikefitting Studio Innsbruck


All hand positions are reachable uncompromised

The contact points between wo:man and machine

From the overall posture to the contact points: bikefitting for road bike, gravel bike, triathlon bike or mountain bike at the saddle, handlebars, brake grips, cycling shoes and cleats, no matter if racing handlebars, straightbars and aero handlebars want to keep the rider in a perfect position!

Bikefitting Studio Innsbruck


Left and right cleat in the right spot and rotation

Bikefitting Studio Innsbruck


Safe and prompt
deceleration of
Bikefitting Studio Innsbruck


Apply bar tapes thick and
certainly grippy

Bikefitting Studio Innsbruck


Maximum aero
to crack the ultrasonic barrier

15 years of bike fitting in Tyrol - Bikefitting ★★★★S

15 years ago the current cycling and triathlon boom couldn`t be expected: insiders only knew about bikefitting. Nowadays ambitious cyclists can't hide from it, because almost every magazine, manufacturer and dealer is dedicated to the perfect bike position. In addition the number of bikefitting services and ergonomic hardware has grown. I look backward to more than a decade of bikefitting with all theses improvements.

This "tuning" has been in my interest from the beginning of my cycling career, but in the end of the 80s cycling was still something for freaks only. Just a few folks were riding their steel roadbikes - cycling wasn`t cosy and hip and the mountain bike has just been invented. Maybe this was the foundation for my expertise in bikefitting.

This story will be continued in my bikefitting studio in Innsbruck - where experience meets finesse.

Bikefitting for every bike and rider

Bikefitting Studio Innsbruck


Light + fast

On the flat or on epic climbs - you pedal much better if you are well positioned.

Bikefitting Studio Innsbruck


On + Off Piste

Bikefitting gives you wings to fly through the terrain without having any painful hotspots.

Bikefitting Studio Innsbruck


Uphill + Downhill

Cornering with comfort and in technical perfection without any pain in the neck.

Bikefitting Studio Innsbruck


Lone fighter

Exploit the full potential in aero position while enjoying a powerbar.

Bikefitting Studio Innsbruck


To the hut + beyond

Ride a transalp efficiently with or without a backpack.

Bikefitting Studio Innsbruck


On tour

Riding for hours without losing your position - not even after a stop-over.

Bikefitting Studio Innsbruck


On fire

Shuttle without physical discomfort during your visit in a bikepark.

Bikefitting Studio Innsbruck


You don't need a fitting, really!

Exercise is more than sport - bikefitting helps you get going.

Bikefitting Studio Innsbruck

Bikefitting for professional cyclists & top athletes

The human system is unbelievably complex: small reasons have big effects. A problem usually starts on one body-side and if it`s too little you don`t care about this in the beginning. Is the symptom really the reason?
Even professionals who fight for the worldcup podium have to take care to cure any small aches. Despite all the training and adaptations, nobody is immune to discomfort. Intensive competitioning is by no means a good model for a any riding posture which you would like to copy.

Bikefitting is a dynamic process

Bikefitting Studio Innsbruck

Bikefitting is active riding. These motion sequences are analyzed, adapted and finally implemented. This procedure is about the pedaling motion, the general posture, specific positions and joint angles. The shoe-foot unit, legs (especially knees), pelvic position, spine, neck, head, shoulders, arms and hands are to be analyzed. Your posture will be permanently checked, re-adjusted and improved. Fitting in progress, the final is good to go!

Bikefitting Studio Innsbruck

Bikefitting is not Bikesizing

Bikesizing is the static measurement of body proportions to determine the hardware. The selection of the right frame size is done in your trusted bike shop. With this selected bike the bikefitting will be done:
the contact points between rider and bike are to be adjusted.

Bikefitting Studio Innsbruck


Feeling & efficiency

Lot of cyclists ride with saddle and handlebars that aren`t adjusted. The used material is somehow collected without exploiting the potential. This means: if the hardware doesn`t provide every possible position, the perfect saddle adjustment is limited. Handlebars are usually set a little lower to make the bike looking smooth. Discomfort, back- knee- and neck- pain, numb fingers and toes can result - in addition physical limitations arise.

Bikefitting Studio Innsbruck

Cleats perfectly adjusted

If the cleats are fixed in the pedal body without wobbling a firm connection is the result. If - on the other hand - a torsional movement can cause unwanted freedom of movement which contributes to instability.
Bikefitting Studio Innsbruck

Bar tape in perfection

A grippy and thick handlebar tape helps to keep a good grip without any effort. Less muscular fatigue through more friction. More grip - comfort and safety!
Bikefitting Studio Innsbruck

Racebar in race or recreation mode

The shape of the racing bar determines the quality of the hand contact. A distinction between classic, anatomical and ergonomic bars gives a different shape, drop and reach. Maybe a compact racebar will be suggested after a bike fitting.
Bikefitting Studio Innsbruck

Mountainbike grips options

A MTB there is only one hand position: the grips. The various lock-on grips differ in thickness, surface finish, shape and rigidity. These differences are decisive for the quality of the handhold. A Lock-On grip will help to prevent slipping.
Bikefitting Studio Innsbruck

Cycling shoes should fit

Cycling shoes are offered in different stiffness indexes and different sole widths. A suitable base for every foot. Ventilation helps to prevent overheating and swelling of the feet. Tight but with no wrinkles and yet big enough is the experienced recipe for road cycling shoes, triathlon shoes, mountain biking shoes and gravel shoes.

Bikefitting Studio Innsbruck

Aero with clip-on and aerobar

Resting relaxed on the arm pads and hands on the extensions of the triathlonbar. Full speed ahead due to low resistance. Perfectly adjusted during a bike fitting. Looking forward to the running split.
Bikefitting Studio Innsbruck

Brake levers adjusted properly

The brake lever is adjusted to the respective finger length during a bikefitting session. Braking is possible at any time like shifting and operating the remote.

Bikefitting Studio Innsbruck

Good saddle and saddle height

A bicycle saddle is the central element in bike fitting. A wide variety of materials and designs, including 3D printing support every pelvis when pedalling. If a saddle is adjusted almost horizontally and in the right vertical and horizontal position, too the rider is satisfied.

Shape is just a snapshot - the correct position is for good

Bikefitting in Innsbruck

The bikefitting laboratory is located in the centre of Innsbruck, close to Maria-Theresien-Straße and directly @ the Triumphpforte in Leopoldstraße 4.


Unfortunately o parking in front of the shop! If you want to unload your bike you are welcome to drive in. Parking is possible either in the short-term-zone or in Maximilianstrasse 2. At Tourist Center, Salurnerstrasse 15 you can park in the garage.

Arrival by train

500 metres from Innsbruck main station to the studio. That's a 10-minute walk or a 2-minute bikeride, Innsbruck Station West is 1km.

Arrival by bike

Locals use it frequently and everyone else can try it out too - the bike routes and trails around Innsbruck.

Route planer

Have a good journey & welcome

 @ your bikefitting studio in Innsbruck

Bikefitting Studio Innsbruck

Bikefitting Studio ℅ die Boerse @ Innsbruck ❤ Tirol