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  • Physiotherapist
  • Specialist for bikefitting and all related topics
  • 30 years of cycling experience
  • 15 years in competition sports (racebike and triathlon)
  • Approved triathlon & swimming coach



I call myself a bike enthusiast and a specialist in bikefitting.
Not just because I have learned all the skills, but rather I have lived them.
As the bikephysio of the bikecity I will serve your perfect position on your bike.



wordrap: short answers to short questions


cycling? passion and freedom digital shifting? nice luxury cross country? acrobatic meets top physical performance timetrial? believe in yourself
granfondo? living on the edge preparation to competitions? a real goal which gives you a focus behaviour during a cycling race? the accordeon effect needs good brakes biggest mistake in road racing? looking backwards second part in a triathlon? the longest part with the most required equipment
aerobars? relaxing while pushing clickies? the best invention in cycling after the draisine so far tri machine? why not, at least a well fitted american position should be possible aerowheels? I like the sound they make cycling performannce? ground speed meets high spinning skills road bike or mtb? two different types of sport, the second is more nature based carbon or shape? retro also needs good legs 🙂


With all this in mind,
I would like to wish you lots of cool memories and hours on the bike,
Daniel Hechenblaickner


Bikefitting Studio Innsbruck

Ride With Passion Tour 2017